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General planning consulting

 From answering general questions to providing recommendations and solutions, our knowledgeable staff have backgrounds working in local government and can assist you with all your planning needs.

Plat, plan, and development review

 Short staffed? Lacking community development expertise? Let us assist with reviews of plats, plans and development applications.

Review, revise, and create codes & ordinances

 In an always changing world, codes and ordinances need to be practical, simple, and dynamic to create robust, resilient outcomes. We are skilled at updating and creating codes and ordinances which accomplish their intended purpose in the shortest, simplest way possible.

Post-legislative session development code review and update

 We can help keep your codes up to date and legal with a post-legislative session development code review and update. With this combination planning and legal service, we will review your development codes and provide practical solutions specifically tailored to your community, keeping your codes legal and up to date with state laws.

Creating and updating comprehensive plans

 A comprehensive plan is essential to a healthy community and planning for the future. We offer community comprehensive plans utilizing holistic evaluation and planning methods to create truly functional comprehensive plans that help guide the community’s decision-making process. Let us develop a holistic plan with your community to make the community’s vision a reality instead of an overly complex technical document that becomes a paper weight or dust collector on a shelf.

Creating and updating area/neighborhood plans

 Are development pressures causing a loss of community culture in your community’s unique area or neighborhood? or is the community interested in promoting specific development or characteristics in a unique area or neighborhood?  We can help you create an area specific plan to identify the community’s goals and create an actionable plan to see those goals achieved.

 Community engagement

 Soliciting input from stakeholders and the community can be difficult and time consuming but is crucial to successful community planning. Let us do the heavy lifting and help you with any community engagement activities.

Development process audits and improvements

 We are experienced at analyzing and improving development and permitting processes. Through our development process audit we will evaluate your existing planning and permitting processes, identify ways to streamline or automate, and assist in the implementation of improvements. Streamlining and automating your development process will improve overall efficiency while reducing processing times and staff workload.

Development Fee Study

 We offer development fee studies to compare your development fees within your geographic region to identified benchmarks, then provide recommendations specific to the community and its development goals.