Why Choose Our Law Firm?

At Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech, P.C., we prize our integrity. We conduct our practice with the highest ethical standards. We serve all governmental officials and entities, whether appointed, hired or elected, with the same rampage spirit — a call to excellence and a commitment to positive results. Here are a few more reasons to consider retaining our attorneys:

  • Extensive experience: In addition to having extensive trial experience, many of our lawyers have worked as employees of governmental entities, giving us profound insight into the day-to-day issues and challenges inherent in public entity service.
  • Personal, value-focused advocacy: We emphasize personal connections with our clients. We also understand that our fees are often paid with tax dollars, so we put careful consideration into our rates in order to provide maximum value.
  • Unique, nonadversarial solutions: We approach every case as unique and tailor our solutions to each client's particular needs. Our law firm also recognizes the importance of not embroiling our clients in unnecessary and expensive litigation; instead, we focus on finding common ground and seeking noncontentious resolutions.

Schedule A Meeting With Our Attorneys

We have three offices throughout Texas to better serve our clients. To arrange a meeting, you may reach us in San Antonio at 210-227-3243, in Harlingen at 956-421-4904 or in Austin at 512-279-6431. We look forward to discussing how we can help.

What Is Rampage Law?

"Rampage law" is a philosophy shared by the partners, attorneys and staff of our progressive firm. At Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech, P.C., we've made our reputation by shaking up the status quo, thinking creatively to solve problems and acting boldly on behalf of our clients.

We are proud to represent local governments throughout the state of Texas. To learn how we can assist you, contact us at one of our conveniently located offices: San Antonio (210-227-3243), Harlingen (956-421-4904) or Austin (512-279-6431).