Texas Governmental Entity Representation

Counsel and Advocacy for Quasi-Public Entities, Governing Bodies and Officials

The law firm of Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech, P.C., is committed to providing governmental entities in Texas with the highest quality of legal representation.

We recognize that all local governmental entities need special legal counsel with particular knowledge and competence in municipal law, combined with the advanced trial skills necessary for successful jury presentations. Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech, P.C., has the resources and knowledge our clients need. Our experienced Texas attorneys deliver a creative, sophisticated and value-oriented approach to solving each unique legal problem.

Our firm represents a wide array of governmental entities across Texas, as well as administrators and elected officials of those entities. We practice in the following areas:

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

At Denton Navarro Rocha Bernal & Zech, P.C., we prize our integrity. We conduct our practice with the highest ethical standards. We serve all governmental officials and entities, whether appointed, hired or elected, with the same rampage spirit — a call to excellence and a commitment to positive results. Here are a few more reasons to consider retaining our attorneys:

  • Extensive experience: In addition to having extensive trial experience, many of our lawyers have worked as employees of governmental entities, giving us profound insight into the day-to-day issues and challenges inherent in public entity service.
  • Personal, value-focused advocacy: We emphasize personal connections with our clients. We also understand that our fees are often paid with tax dollars, so we put careful consideration into our rates in order to provide maximum value.
  • Unique, non-adversarial solutions: We approach every case as unique and tailor our solutions to each client's particular needs. Our law firm also recognizes the importance of not embroiling our clients in unnecessary and expensive litigation; instead, we focus on finding common ground and seeking non-contentious resolutions.