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Finding Out More About Rampage Law

What is “rampage law”? Are we maniacs? Of course not. Our firm is respected across Texas for providing professional, effective counsel to dozens of government entities.

“Rampage law” is a philosophy shared by the partners of Denton Navarro Rodriguez Bernal Santee & Zech, P.C., as well as by the other lawyers and staff of our progressive firm. We’ve made our reputation by shaking up the status quo, thinking creatively to solve problems and acting boldly on behalf of our clients.

In labor relations, civil litigation or special issue counsel, our “rampage spirit” is not a scorched-earth, take-no-prisoners mentality. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We reject the traditional adversarial approach to labor relations and public sector disputes, putting our energy into innovative solutions that promote the best possible outcome for all involved.

Our “rampage” is igniting our desire for meaningful change and creatively working through the perceived obstacles that hinder progress. “Rampage law” is reveling in the challenge of crafting unique solutions for every client. We enjoy what we do and we take every case by the horns. We also extend our spirit of energy and fun to include our clients outside of work hours, inviting them to share in the recreational life of our firm.

Learn How We Can Bring Our Rampage Spirit To Your Challenges

Please contact us to discuss how our attorneys can help find creative solutions to problems facing the governmental entity you represent. You can reach us at any of our Texas offices: San Antonio (210-227-3243), Rio Grande Valley (956-421-4904), Austin (512-279-6431) or Texas Gulf Coast (832-632-2102).