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Guidance To Local Governments Regarding Complex Processes And Procedures

The Texas law firm of Denton Navarro Rodriguez Bernal Santee & Zech, P.C., offers unique, elegant, cost-effective solutions and counsel tailored to each client’s particular legal needs. We serve as the official legal counsel for many government entities throughout Texas, as either general counsel (city attorney) or special counsel on specific issues. As part of our general and special counsel services, we provide guidance on governing board process and procedure.

Our highly experienced lawyers advise governing bodies and government entities on all types of processes and procedures relating to:

  • The Texas Open Meetings Act: Originally adopted in 1967 and subsequently revised and amended, the act is intended to give the public access to governmental decision-making. It requires governmental bodies to notify the public of the time, place and subject of each meeting and to make the meeting open to the public (except for closed sessions that are expressly authorized as such).
  • The Texas Public Information Act: Formerly known as the Texas Open Records Act, this act allows the public to submit written requests for government records or information.
  • Robert’s Rules of Order: The most widely known parliamentary authority in the U.S., this book provides detailed rules for the conduct of deliberative assemblies.

Dealing With Administrative Law Issues

We also provide counsel on a wide variety of other administrative law issues that may affect governing boards such as:

  • Rule-making procedures
  • The Administrative Procedure Act (APA)
  • Administrative action not subject to the APA
  • Procedural and constitutional challenges
  • Constitutional procedure due process
  • Declaratory judgment actions
  • Ad hoc adjudication or rule-making procedures

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To schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys, please call the office most convenient to you: San Antonio (210-227-3243), Rio Grande Valley (956-421-4904), Austin (512-279-6431) or Texas Gulf Coast (832-632-2102).