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Representing Cities, Counties And Housing Authorities In Hearings And Appeals

At Denton Navarro Rodriguez Bernal Santee & Zech, P.C., we counsel local governments throughout Texas on preventing problems related to public employees within a civil service system. This counsel extends to the disciplinary process.

Our firm has substantial experience in providing guidance and assistance to department heads in connection with appeals from disciplinary actions taken. We can guide and assist management personnel in the conduct of an internal affairs investigation, including:

  • How to evaluate facts and evidence
  • How to prepare a disciplinary charge
  • How to negotiate discipline with individual employees or an employee labor representative
  • How to carry the burden of proof in presenting a case

We have experience in presenting cases, briefing the cases, either to a civil service board or commission, or before an arbitrator selected through an arbitration provision. Given our statewide experience with civil service arbitrators, our attorneys are familiar with most local arbitrators and maintain a bank of arbitration awards to assist in advising clients.

Taking A Creative Approach To Disciplinary Issues

Denton Navarro Rodriguez Bernal Santee & Zech, P.C., offers a less adversarial approach to disciplinary appeals and hearings involving public employees. Our lawyers take a knowledgeable, bold and creative approach to problem-solving, seeking resolutions that do not waste public funds or lead to unnecessary litigation.

To learn how our firm can help your department or agency, please contact us to schedule a consultation at one of our four offices: San Antonio (210-227-3243), Rio Grande Valley (956-421-4904) or Austin (512-279-6431).