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Advising Governmental Entities Regarding Ethics Compliance Matters

Texas governmental entities and their employees are subject to numerous laws and regulations governing ethics and elections, among other topics. At Denton Navarro Rodriguez Bernal Santee & Zech, P.C., we are a trusted choice for counsel and advocacy in issues regarding government ethics and compliance.

With a reputation for integrity and extensive experience in this area of law, we counsel elected and appointed officials throughout Texas. Some of the areas in which we provide guidance include:

  • Election law: With an in-depth knowledge of the Texas Election Code, we assist government entities throughout the state with the application and interpretation of election laws. We provide experienced legal counsel on a wide array of matters, ranging from election cancellations, audiovisual camera use at polls or authorized election dates to absentee voting, precinct boundary changes, write-in candidacy issues and more.
  • Campaign compliance: Our lawyers advise government entities and public officials on all aspects of campaign compliance, including disclosure reports, federal election activity (FEA) and electioneering communication (EC) periods, independent expenditure periods, coordination time frames, ballot access information and more.
  • Campaign finance: Our law firm counsels clients on compliance with the FEA and the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) in issues regarding federal and state campaign financing, including the appointment of campaign treasurers, financial contribution and expenditure reports, campaign contribution limits and more.
  • Professional ethics: We maintain an extensive understanding of the TEC regulations and Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct in regard to city attorneys and other parties.

Dedicated To Serving Cities, Counties And Housing Authorities

We have exclusively devoted our practice to representing government entities and officials in Texas. At Denton Navarro Rodriguez Bernal Santee & Zech, P.C., you will find a team of creative, experienced attorneys, many of whom have backgrounds in government agencies themselves. To learn more about our firm and how we can advise you, please call us in San Antonio (210-227-3243), Rio Grande Valley (956-421-4904), Austin (512-279-6431) or Texas Gulf Coast (832-632-2102).