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Civil rights groups take aim at 3 major Texas issues

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Civil Rights, Civil Rights Lawsuits, Litigation |

Disputes between civil rights activists and Texas authorities show no signs of letting up in the new year. Last year saw numerous protests and lawsuits from civil rights groups and individual activists against the actions of school districts, state agencies and everything in between. Less than a month into 2024, there are already three major issues being targeted by various civil rights actions.

What are civil rights groups challenging?

The three most prominent issues targeted by Texas civil rights groups are:

  • School policies: Student groups as well as larger groups including the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas recently filed a letter alleging civil rights infringement. The claims relate to the policies regarding gender and sexuality passed by state legislators as well as local school boards in districts throughout the state.
  • State immigration policies: The ongoing border crisis and immigration controversy has prompted the ACLU of Texas and other entities to challenge the constitutionality of Texas’s methods of immigration enforcement. Among the contested issues is the use of buses to deliver migrants to other states and the practice of arresting undocumented migrants at the Texas-Mexico border.
  • Urban development: Lions Municipal golf course was one of the South’s first integrated public golf courses. However, the course, owned by the city of University of Texas and run by Austin, faces commercial development. Many civil rights activists wish to keep the park in operation rather than develop it.

If the new year continues in the same fashion, then many more civil rights challenges may arise. Municipal entities might find themselves in disputes with constituents over whether ordinances violate civil rights. Some issues may necessitate compromise while others require litigation. It is a balance that municipalities must always confront and challenge, especially in today’s highly fraught landscape.



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