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What issues will municipalities face in 2024?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2023 | Counsel for Texas Municipalities, Municipalities |

As the new year approaches, all sectors are looking to the future and wondering what 2024 will bring. This is true for municipalities. Local leaders are already taking into account the challenges that could arise in the new year – and what it could mean for Texas residents.

New year, new issues

These are just a few of the major concerns that local governments may face in 2024:

  • The effects of House Bill 2127: This year is when towns, cities and counties will begin to truly see the ramifications of HB 2127. With the ability to pass ordinances curtailed, city leaders will need to adapt to their newly limited power. This means that some municipalities will likely face challenges meeting constituents’ needs when it comes to regulations.
  • Relationships with government entities: The currently strained relationships between city and state leaders will also play out in 2024. Several high-profile city leaders have publicly stated their intent to mend relations with state legislators and other officials.
  • Environmental strain: If 2024 is anything like 2023 and 2022, there will be more instances of extreme weather. Droughts, storms, wildfires and heat waves put residents’ lives in jeopardy and can cost municipalities millions of dollars.
  • Cyber threats: The spate of ransomware attacks against several Texas municipalities will likely not abate in 2024. If anything, cyberattacks will become more common as technology advances and even more municipal tasks go digital.
  • Election security: Large-scale elections are approaching in November. Municipalities may have to take action to address concerns about election validity and the safety of polling places.

Of course, this list is far from complete. It includes only a few of the major concerns that municipal officials have predicted they could encounter. Every year brings unexpected triumphs and defeats at all levels of government, and 2024 will certainly be no different.



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