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What to know about Texas civil service commissions

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2023 | Civil Service Law |

Civil service is a critical, yet invisible, part of everyday life. Millions of people living in Texas go about their lives do not stop to think about the civil workers who help keep their cities functioning. Today, we will look at the role of one of the most important yet underrated entities in government: Civil service commissions.

The role of a civil service board

Civil service refers to the government body of employees who work civil positions unrelated to politics or the judicial system. A civil service commission, therefore, is a body that handles the regulations surrounding civil employees.  They are sometimes also referred to as civil service boards or civil service offices. Some of the areas that civil service boards manage include:

  • County employee selection and classification
  • Civil service meetings
  • Civil written exams
  • Promotions
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Layoffs and terminations
  • Civil service appeals
  • Working conditions

Ultimately, civil service boards ensure that city and county employees have fair opportunities, adequate rights, opportunities for advancement, due process and appeals. The workers managed by these boards form the backbone of public offices. Even so, many people have never even heard of civil service boards, let alone considered what they do.

A hidden yet crucial role

Despite the lack of public knowledge surrounding civil service commissions, these entities perform crucial roles for all municipalities, large and small. They are responsible for honoring Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code, which regulates municipal governments. In this way, they keep towns, cities and counties functioning through even the most difficult of situations. By acting in compliance with state law and creating fair conditions for civil servants, civil service commissions create a strong foundation of employees to serve the public.



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