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The best college majors for civil service careers

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2023 | Civil Service Law |

With the 2023 college year in full swing for most students across Texas, many young people will be considering which careers are right for them. One of the most important yet under-served career paths is civil service. Civil service, or the civilian workers employed for government bodies, are critical for a healthy democracy. If you are a college student or you have a college-aged child interested in a civil service career, these are some majors that are a good fit.

What to know about civil service jobs

Civil service refers to a vast spectrum of careers in the public sector. Currently, this field is tremendously under-staffed due to a shortage of workers. Texas’s municipalities and state government are in dire need of hardworking, smart young people. Some of the best-known civil servant positions include prosecutors, public defenders, policy analysts, urban planners and social workers.

Majors that are great for civil service

Many areas of study can launch a young person into a successful career in civil service. There are a few in particular that provide a base of knowledge that is particularly suitable. Some of these majors include:

  • Political science: Studying government and policy are perfect for entering into a position with the municipal, state or federal government.
  • Business administration: The principles of business can transfer well to public agencies, especially when they collaborate with private businesses.
  • Economics: Learning about various economic models can help college grads manage the resources of public entities.
  • Criminal justice: The police need criminal justice majors, but so do district attorneys’ offices, investigatory agencies, correctional facilities and more.
  • Finance and accounting: All public entities need employees to help them make wise financial decisions, raise funds, keep the books and invest wisely.

These are just a few of the majors that can help students enter the honorable world of civil service. None of these areas of study is mandatory for a civil service career, though. Well-rounded applicants from educational backgrounds of all varieties may find themselves serving their country through committing their career to civil service.



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