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Texas municipalities suffer financially due to natural disasters

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Counsel for Texas Municipalities, Municipalities |

Any Texan can tell you that the state has seen its fair share of wildfires, heat waves, droughts and severe storms. Municipalities in particular suffer greatly. In fact, the towns and counties of Texas are some of the most severely affected in the United States by natural disasters, according to the data from a new study. Its data indicate that Texas is the third most heavily financially impacted state in the nation due to natural disasters.

Ranking the impact of natural disasters

The personal finance site WalletHub conducted a study of the financial impact of natural disasters on U.S. states. According to the data, Texas had the most natural disasters that caused over $1 billion in damage. It ranked ninth place for the amount of financial loss caused by natural disasters. Based on this information and other data, the study ranks Texas third for the state most impacted financially by natural disasters. Ranking first and second are our neighbor states Mississippi and Louisiana, respectively.

Still recovering from the damage

Cities and counties suffered and continue to suffer greatly due to natural disasters. The damage to infrastructure and private homes often totaled millions of dollars. The structures, roads and land damages by fires, storms and other disasters are still facing repair. The nature and wildlife affected have yet to recover. With the advancement of climate change, it remains to be seen whether natural disasters will become more common and more severe.

Local leaders will need to consider many factors regarding natural disasters. Obtaining municipal bonds and other forms of funding to rebuild damage caused by disasters is of utmost importance. So is implementing plans for future disaster preparation and coping if the worst strikes again.



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