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Are there limits to what an intern can do?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Government Ethics And Compliance |

As the new year approaches, it is time to prepare for a new batch of interns. Your interns may have various goals and expectations, and it is up to you to help them have a positive learning experience.

While interns may perform tasks in a municipal or government office, an internship ultimately supports the education they are seeking and their career goals.

As you plan for your interns, here’s what you should consider as you assign their tasks.

Keeping it legal

Internships should be mutually beneficial arrangements between you and your interns. Typically, an internship should include learning and networking opportunities since they generally are pitched as a way for interns to get their “foot in the door.”

In general, interns can do any task a regular employee can do. Even so, you should remember that an internship should help the intern learn about areas to which a regular position may not give them access.

Interns that stay

Ideally, an internship starts with a hardworking student who demonstrates their potential and either moves into a long-term role as a regular employee or enjoys a positive recommendation for their next position. However, you may not have room on your team for a new hire, or the intern may learn they are more interested in another area.

More realistically, you want interns who will complete their time in your office. As you work with your interns, try to find unique opportunities that will help them make the most of their internship rather than the menial jobs your other staff members do not like to do.

Interns can be a significant benefit for you and your office. When you help interns have a positive experience in a municipal office setting, you invest in your future coworkers.



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