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Attorney General promotes election integrity in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Election Law |

Cities and counties throughout the state are preparing for the upcoming general election. One of the foremost topics on voters’ minds is the integrity of their vote: Will the elections be fair? Is there potential for voter fraud? Will all votes get a fair count?

To assuage the public’s concerns and ensure fair elections, Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office has created a 2022 General Election Integrity Team. The agency will promote secure and transparent elections throughout the state of Texas.

A new integrity team for 2022

Earlier in October, the Attorney General’s Office announced the creation of a special agency that it decided to call the General Election Integrity Team. The announcement coincided with the first day of early voting for the election. The agency devotes numerous resources to the practice of ensuring fair elections, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Investigators
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Various support staff
  • Other resources

The Attorney General’s Office included an informational press release informing voters of their right to a fair election and educating them on certain warning signs they can watch for that might indicate election fraud. Attorney General Paxton also reemphasized his commitment to investigating and prosecuting allegations of voter fraud.

Necessary reassurance for voters

Every year the Attorney General heads a team devoted to election integrity; this year, however, elections in not only Texas but also the entire U.S. have drawn extra scrutiny. As the elections draw nearer, the electorate remains skeptical of the veracity of past and upcoming elections. By taking measures such as establishing the General Election Integrity team, the Attorney General’s Office and other public entities could go a long way toward reassuring the public about the integrity of Texas’s elections.



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