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What are the top 5 safest cities in Texas?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Uncategorized |

The recent spike in violent crime has been a topic of concern for cities across the United States. Texas is no exception.

A recent study analyzed crime statistics from towns and cities throughout the U.S. to identify the safest – and most dangerous – cities for residents. Six Texas cities made the list – a high achievement for a state that is notorious for its tough stance on crime.

Crime and cost per capita

The financial education website MoneyGeek analyzed the most current crime statistics published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine which cities had the highest and lowers rates of violent crime per capita. All told, the study examined more than 260 cities with populations of at least 100,000.

Texas cities appeared in the study six times. Three were included in the top 15 safest cities:

  • Sugar Land (#10)
  • McAllen (#11)
  • Pearland (#15)

Three were also included in the top 15 safest large cities:

  • El Paso (#4)
  • Arlington (#12)
  • Austin (#15)

By examining the societal costs of violent criminal offenses, researchers also estimated the cost of violent crimes per capita in each city. Of the aforementioned Texas cities, the one with the least expensive violent crime cost per capita is Sugar Land at $268. The one with the most expensive cost per capita is Austin with $1,577. For comparison, The average cost per capita of violent crime in American cities is $1,836.

Important information for city officials

This information is very valuable for city leaders and other public officials. Cities have a prerogative to prevent crime to not only protect residents but also provide an incentive for people to move there. The per capita cost of violent crime highlights the financial incentive to reduce crime and use tax dollars as efficiently as possible to target criminal activity in the future.



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