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Elected officials have the option to become certified

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Serving in an elected office is an honor that few people get to experience. Elected office comes with a great deal of responsibility in governance. It requires staying abreast of new legal developments, honoring Texas laws and advocating for their constituents’ best interests. One option for elected officials to provide the best service they can is to become a Certified Municipal Official.

Why become a Certified Municipal Official?

The Texas Association of Mayors, Councilmembers and Commissioners (TAMCC) and the Texas Municipal League (TML) offer educational opportunities that can lead to certification. Once an official has completed a certain number of continuing education units, or CEUs, the Texas Municipal League Institute will designate them a Certified Municipal Official.

There are several reasons why certification may hold an appeal:

  1. The additional training provides extensive knowledge of the issues and laws necessary in one’s role.
  2. Elected officials already spend countless hours serving the public – why not receive acknowledgment of the hard work and effort through certification?
  3. Being a Certified Municipal Official distinguishes oneself from other public officials.
  4. Certification is a celebration of the official’s commitment to serving the people of Texas.

Ultimately, certification is voluntary – a measure that an official can initiate to gain mastery, add to their accolades and better serve the public. Ongoing professional development is mandatory in many other professions, from medicine to teaching. Elected office might not require professional development, but it certainly does not hurt. With so much at stake in administering the law and performing municipal duties, striving for excellence is important for all city officials.

How to become certified

Becoming a Certified Municipal Official begins with enrolling in educational courses through the TML. After completing a certain number of credits, the league issues a certificate of recognition. Eventually, through a committed effort to professional development, the TML honors the attendee by naming them a Certified Municipal Official.



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