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Black man sues Texas city after police led him through streets with rope

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Civil Rights Lawsuits |

Ever since the death earlier this year of Texas native George Floyd while in police custody, civil unrest has flared up in various cities across the nation. There has also been a number of highly publicized lawsuits against governmental bodies alleging police brutality, civil rights violations and more.

Officers led Black man with a rope

One such suit was filed days ago by a Black man whose arrest last year brought brief national attention. Bystanders recorded Galveston police officers on horseback leading the homeless man with a rope after his arrest.

According to news reports, the 44-year-old man was at the time of his arrest for trespassing in August of last year, homeless and suffering from mental illness.

His lawsuit states that two Galveston police officers handcuffed the man, “tied (him) to a rope to the handcuffs and led him down Market Street in Galveston, Texas, while riding their horses.”

Viral video

Video of the procession went viral and “caused a public relations nightmare” for the city’s police department. Police Chief Vernon Hale, a Black man, apologized for his officers’ poor judgment. The pair of officers had decided not to wait for a squad car to transport the man to jail.

His attorney says her client “doesn’t want the protesting” on his behalf and “doesn’t want to raise a ruckus.” He does want “a decent chunk of money” from the suit and he hopes that his case will spur police reform in the coastal city.

A news report states that he seeks damages for mental anguish and emotional distress that were a result of alleged assault, malicious prosecution and negligence.



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