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Is social media a tool or trouble for your campaign?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | Election Law |

Part of a solid campaign strategy involves reaching your constituents where they are. Depending on the people in your area, you may be able to reach people through rallies and door-knocking events, but you may find yourself with a very limited reach.

For better or worse, social media is now part of the everyday life of most Texans. It can be a way to make new connections, but there is also potential for public blunders.

Here’s what you should think about when you are considering adding social media to your campaign strategy.

Separation can be key

Before you start talking about your campaign on your personal social media page, consider making one exclusively for your campaign. Having a page dedicated to your campaign will allow you to have more control over your message.

Of course, there will be some people who will see your campaign profile and look for your personal page. Before you kick off your campaign, check the permissions for who can see your personal profile. There could be old messages or pictures that are not consistent with your messages.

Get a proofreader

You may already know the feeling of handing over a piece of written material, only to find out it has an embarrassing typo, or it makes an unintended reference that will alienate your audience. Make sure you have someone who can look over everything you are going to post before you publish it to avoid a social media blunder.

While you may not be able to afford a full-time editor to help you, consider talking to a friend or family member who would be willing to give you a different perspective. Mistakes can have serious consequences, and since readers can take screenshots of your post, it can be impossible to correct and delete the error.

Overall, social media can extend your reach and help you connect with people on their terms. If you are careful about how you use social media, you can stay out of trouble and make it an asset to your campaign.



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