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Getting ready for November

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Election Law |

There are not a lot of open seats open for election in November, but that does not mean that it is not a critical time for Texas elections. There are several positions all over Texas that are essential for this election-cycle and the future.

For those running for office, the year before a Presidential election can be difficult. While many constituents may be thinking about politics, most of their election-thoughts are focused on next year.

Here are some finishing touches to put on your campaign agenda as you get ready for voting day.

Are your voters registered?

You can have support, but unless the people who plan to vote for you are registered to vote, they will not be able to help your campaign.

As you talk to potential voters, make sure you know the process for them to become registered to vote in their area. Talk to them about what they need to do to register and where they will go when it is time to vote.

Rally your troops

From the day you decided to run until now, you and your supporters have probably spent hours during evenings and weekends knocking on doors and making phone calls. Your team may be stretched thin, but this is the time to keep everyone going.

Now that elections are only weeks away talk to your team about your goals and remind them what your campaign will do for the community. Many in your organization may be fighting burnout. Help them remember that they do not need to keep this pace forever, but what they are doing will be worthwhile.



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