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Getting short-term rental rules right

Need a ride? Pull up your Uber or Lyft app? Need a short-hop vehicle to get you from your office to the nearest mass transit? Look for a shared electric scooter. Add to these forms of online business the applications that support short-term home rentals through outlets like Airbnb and VRBO.

Easing city growing pains can be challenging

Texas is big in terms of available land. It's also growing in terms of population. By various counts, the number of people moving into the state rises at a rate of around 1,000 to 1,400 per day. Recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show that seven of the 15 fastest growing cities in the nation are in the Lone Star State. That means towns and cities of all sizes face varying degrees of pressure to meet rising demand for city amenities.

Government social media accounts must achieve impossible balance

Most government agencies have some form of social media accounts and are expected to communicate regularly with their local online audience. The norms of social media dictate posts should be entertaining, informative, genuine and provide transparency – all in real time. Often many employees are running one account and do so without an editor or a review process to approve posts.

Preparing to report campaign finances after an election

As election season wraps up within the next few weeks, Texas candidates and political committees will once again prepare records of their campaign finances. Throughout your campaign, you must frequently submit a report to the Federal Election Commission, so take a moment to review the requirements online.

Identifying A Conflict Of Interest As A Public Official

Imagine the San Antonio city council is set to vote on a new zoning regulation that is anticipated to raise the property value of small businesses along the River Walk. Ray Smith is a city councilman who is considering voting in favor of the new regulation. While neither he nor his wife owns a small business on the River Walk, their son-in-law recently inherited a store that would be impacted by the new regulation.

Adopting social media communications requires legal diligence

Blaring sirens that alert the public to emergencies remain foundational in many communities for reaching the people about need-to-know news. Social media serves as an adjunct method for quick dissemination of information to large populations. But many cities appreciate that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and even texting, provide options for communication beyond just emergency situations.

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